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Apparently my recent” blog titles appeared to convey some kind of depression but the truth is, I try to keep these post about my pointless existence as honest and accurate as possible – that some how makes them slightly less pointless. I was never big on fiction, unless it is being burnt onto my retinas in the comfort of a cinema. I did try crime and punishment recently, but quite honestly it bores my silly. I will keep my reading educational.

I keep meaning to have a life again… but my feet are saying a very firm no to that idea. As soon as my life involves something other than sitting, I will be sure to write about it on here.

This last year feels like a total write off, its not the first either.

Well, thankfully I have the internet and I can enjoy other peoples lives, I got an email from one of my American Brians the other day, met him back when I was slightly social, he pointed out this fabulous couch surfing reference, although its not as exciting if you don’t know him personally, for the sake of enjoyment just pretend its a reference for me.

But first, a little background info – hosted him back in my loving days of Krakow he is banned from the UK for 10 years and he recently caught TB in the Ukraine, had an operation and someone comes around to watch him take his medication every day so he doesn’t infect the country (USA).

From Svetlana Sokolova

B.P.Gordon appeared in my life drunk and impudent with words:«What do you think about Americans?That we are all fat and stupid?» Before I hadn’t thought about it.Later that night he slept on a rug next to my couch hugging my right leg.We made many discoveries for those long4winterUkrainianMonths while he was surfing my bed:he was the first CSer I slept with,he turned 30 in my arms,we created Sokolova-Gordon’s vocabulary,for NewYear in Istanbul we had a ride on a garbage car and then we lived through Brian’s “I’ll be papa”hysteric.Once we even pissed on each other in shower.I’m not sure if I ever have been closer to anyone. He decided to leave.I knew from his diary that second Brian had been living with me for free flat and sex dreaming about prostitutes.I had asked being truthful.Thus with him I was the happiest and the saddest creature in the world. Later he suggested me being friends.I agreed.He refused to help me when I came to his country.I’m still waiting the friendship to happen

 From Brian Gordon

I’m not sure why I would want to be friends with a cold-hearted thief and liar? No matter how many clothes you take off Sveta, you’re still not revealing anything about yourself.
I hope you get help for your self-cutting and shaving your head ala Britney Spears when you don’t get your way.
Good luck with a green card.

Sounds like love to me!

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2 Responses to “Still here”

  1. Paul Gaston says:

    Yea its a reference on the profile. I miss lovely references – never had any that good though.

  2. ST says:

    That is fooking awesome! Love it… I want to ride a garbage car somewhere! Where on earth was this left… CS? Or was it via email??

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