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What is Thai for “saliva”? 

I spent the Tuesday in the “safety” of my hosts suburbs. Didn’t even want to go in to town after the nightmares of Monday, plus it was bloody miles away and I’d woken up at about 1pm after a much needed catchup. It’s an interesting area, kiddies were certainly happy to see a foreigner! Still getting used to cold showers and filthy cluttered surroundings. The family didn’t speak a word of English but my host was semi comprehensible. Mum and dad just sleep on the lounge floor, why not?  The son kindly cooked a dinner which I ate with them, and was introduced to the Thai, or perhaps Asian (some) way of sharing food, saliva and all. At least I have had my vaccines. 

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Broken in Bangkok

Don’t fair well without sleep, didn’t even manage 3o seconds on the plane which meant 2+days awake then the entire day lost in this smelly filthy place with all my crap on my back Didn’t set a very good tone for the first day, my airport meeting on arrival was cancelled after a lot of waiting around and texting, oh well! Attempted a ride in a tuktuk after some negotiation the price went down by a factor of 6. Catch was he took me to his mates suit shop who got annoyed when I “couldn’t buy without the wife’s permission” went back to my driver and he fobbed me off leaving me even further away, I’m sure it’s a typical trick only needed to learn it once. Finally met my host in the evening and settled down for a 15 hour power nap

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Cologne to Bangkok

I flew to Cologne a couple of days ago after a brief stop in Warsaw to revisit the past. Nothing like seeing an old love with a new baby to ease your indifference with existence.

Anyway, Oliver, a German chap kindly picked me up at the airport. An older gentleman with a ridiculous level of attention to detail. His fancy spotless motor, he immaculate block of flats and “smart home” which is tablet or voice activated down to the tiniest of details. He has literally thought of everything and takes very good care of his guests! 

He has been incredibly helpful with my questions about Thailand having being a regular visitor and has made me more comfortable than probably any couchsurfing I’ve ever met. 

Yesterday I explored Cologne, saw a lovely neonazi + anti fascist demonstration and everyone seemed like they were enjoying themselves. Very pleasant city indeed. 

Got completely soaked by a wave of dirty ice water courtesy of a lorry on the way home which was nice.

Today to Bangkok, no plans as such where or when. Just seems like something I needed to do after putting it off for 5 years because of relationship and health. Given up my medicine, let’s see how long I can last out there! 

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RIP Cleo

Haven’t written on here for several years (3 and a half by my count) so let’s start with a brief summary of what we’ve missed (mainly death) My beloved cat Cleo kicked the bucket, only 2o years young. Watched her have a “neurological event” drove her to the vet and watched her being slid around the back sit of a Ford Ka on her way to be executed. A fitting end to 20 years of companionship and love, “Shall we put her down” “yea do it” cold, less hassle than cleaning up the mess of an increasingly incontinent friend though. I would ask that you do the same for me. OK enough cat. My grandad also passed away, a real person, had a good innings though and was also neurologically challenged so it gave him some much needed peace!  Had a few relationships die on me but they were euthanised if we are being perfectly honest, sometimes I happened to use a blunt chainsaw though. 

Went from crippled and unable to walk, moved back to Krakow to live in my own place finally. Went off the rails a little and probably drank too much. (DEFINITELY drank too much)

Became  increasingly more mentally invested in finance, economics and eventually politics. Made a thousand easy quids on trump trades, education in these areas led me to become more disenchanted with the wonders of capitalism* but did help me reconsider the things that I value (still a work in progress)

Travelled here and there, most recently Georgia (absolutely beautiful and fantastic country) with my new gf (A young Ukrainian lady with an exceptional attitude to most things, apart from the old eastern traditions of marriage :D) 

Put on some timber, now a whopping 103kg. It’s the medicine and nothing you can say will change my mind.

This isn’t a great summary, there have been some very meaningful (meaningful in the most cynical sense of the word possible, in this very brief moment in time as a dot on a rock in infinity) quite meaningfulish adventures and lost loves etc which at the time were all rather bloody intense and consuming. But I didn’t right them down and I won’t be living them again so it’s almost as if they never happened.  
Back by popular (2 people – Hi Sue and Baz) demand it’s my very generic blog. I should really be doing youtube videos but there is something therapeutic about tapping. 


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