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53 Responses to “Wall”

  1. Johnny says:

    Hello Wall.

  2. gaston909 says:

    I can only presume that is tomisgone boy. I heard you were alive again! You should have left some kind of authentic contact information 🙂 All is well in Krakow!

  3. Tom says:

    lol, Krakow is a long long way from Bartony, hope you’re enjoying it out there. x

  4. Barrance says:

    According to a flashing ad on your website, I am the 10,000th visitor today. This is not a joke.

  5. Juro says:

    can i expect you this Friday with your girlfriend?

  6. Juro says:

    Take her with you, she can stay with Katka in our house and we will go to celebrate…

  7. Juro says:

    Hi, are you coming to kill the pig on 21. January?

    • gaston909 says:

      I would flipping love to!

      I don’t know how the girlfriend would feel about me going on another kill spree though…. Plus, if I drink slivovica again, I will most certainly die, dead.

  8. ST says:

    oi slag! Why don’t you update this anymore?! It made my day reading your silly exploits

  9. Barrance says:

    Sort it out Paul.

  10. Olly says:

    You are getting slack with updating this. Has the Iron Curtain closed again?

  11. Burnsy says:

    You sausage toed mother chuffer, get some goals achieved

    • gaston909 says:

      I am on it!! Well actually I am not on anything since I have been stuck in my flat! However… I was technically on tv the other day.. just in a crowd though, I wasn’t a main feature though!

      Getting fit can be struck from the record now I am officially disabled.

  12. Barry says:

    you need to achieve another goal!
    I say you start on the Radio/TV one!

  13. gaston909 says:

    Haha, Thanks guys! Looking forward to seeing you!!!!!

  14. Sean says:

    Happy Birthday matey, I loved the video and the sighting of Sarsons made it even better!!

  15. ST says:

    Happy Birthday mate! Hope you have a great day… we shall celebrate in style when I come over… enjoy the day!

  16. Sean says:

    Your English is getting worse, I miss you.

    • gaston909 says:

      You are right!! I have been talking about that recently, My Polish isnt improving and my English is getting worse. I wont be able to communicate in any language soon, but you will still love me, right?

  17. Olivier says:

    I love you, you crazy fool!

  18. gaston909 says:

    Haha, I was at a Tesco in Brno, its not like our lovely English Tescos… I will post an update!

  19. Barrance says:

    The stalk map says youre at Tesco in Brno-ijh. Awesome. Do they have any of that cooked chicken?

  20. WillSmith says:

    Hi! I’m just wondering if i can get in touch with you, since you have amazing content, and i’m thinking of running a couple co- projects! email me pls

  21. Barrance says:

    Why isn’t the genuine chocolate face documented on every page of this bastard?

  22. Barrance says:

    Oh yes I can

  23. Barrance says:

    I cant get my gravatar to work

  24. Barrance says:

    I enjoy this blog, can you add a thing that tweets new posts so I can get them as they happen?

  25. Olly W says:

    Generic best wishes! x

  26. Johnny says:

    Hello from Camden Town!

    Looking forward to reading all about the adventures of leeching penguins, morphing an antelope’s ear from a giant stick, and seeing how much encouragement you’ll need to fight a Polish vicar…

    Have a great time in Polska!

  27. ST says:

    ha I changed the restrictions so my facebook friends can see what a loser my friends and I am! I want some better, free, video editing software… any ideas??

  28. gaston909 says:

    Right! It is on there now, but it seems like you made it private anyway so nobody can enjoy your efforts!

  29. ST says:

    I am disappointed that you have not uploaded my video yet… tut tut tut… you know you love the music…

  30. ST says:

    So what’s the diagnosis? It appears you may know now…

  31. gaston909 says:

    It takes a while to show, it’s there now!

    I have been spending some quality time with the Dr, seems you diagnosed me incorrectly.

  32. ST says:

    why has it not come up??

  33. ST says:

    Ha. I’ve signed up for a gravatar now…

  34. Lesbian says:

    Oi you’re never on skype anymore! What’s going on?

  35. Lesbian says:

    its been almost 10 days since you last blogged – now i know stuff has happened so where are the posts?! Slacker!!

  36. gaston909 says:

    You are going to have more Paul Gaston material than you can shake a big and completely pointless stick at! Where your image?

  37. Lesbian says:

    Need to charge the camera battery – will get on it now and you’ll have them later today….

  38. gaston909 says:

    I am currently in the process of sorting some old files, you will soon have access to a huge stock pile of paul gaston originals (photos)

    In the mean time, perhaps you could change your comment image and also send me the pictures of the full car!

  39. Lesbian says:

    What’s going on? You haven’t posted for days! As a usual visitor to your site I am very disappointed that there seems to be no new content! Please do something about this!

  40. Lesbian says:

    It sure does

  41. gaston909 says:

    I just wanted to see if this made sense….

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