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Dirty Tramp

I popped to meet a friend today, perhaps I was looking a little dirtier than usual as a “galleria girl” offered to clean my hands. Actually it’s not as fun as it sounds, she was trying to sell some beauty products and with 10 minutes to spare I entertained the idea and had smooth pretty smelling hands as a result.

What became apparent as this chance beautification encounter took place, was just how rusty I have become at meeting and exciting strangers. All this time off my feet sat in a box has meant some severe social skills regression.

It wasn’t that awkward, I chatted away, but she certainly was not as “seduced” as she would have been a year ago.

To do list

  • Fix feet
  • Talk to humans
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  1. bryanzpope says:

    have to hit the road you toeless fuck and get back into business

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